How can brands engage their audience through storytelling videos?

18 Jan

whats_your_storyI recently came across the element of brand storytelling when I was reading about the different ways brands can engage their customers by appealing to emotions. Storytelling is a great way of personalizing and humanizing brands, and I think that videos are one of the most effective vehicles, as visuals are a great way of reaching emotions. Brands can reach emotions though for example making their audience recall their own experiences and being a part of the story.

The importance of storytelling is getting more and more noticed in the PR world, and in the book “Share This” by Steve Waddington, Daljit Buhrji emphasizes that: “brands now have the capability to use digital channels to listen and speak to mass audiences directly, and story telling is more valuable than ever”.

Chris Schreiber from highlights that it is important that the video does not seem like an ad if it has the purpose of trying to go viral. Instead, they should establish the brand as a storyteller.

There are many brands who has managed to make viral storytelling videos, and here are two good examples from Nike and Google Chrome:



Based on these videos, I recognize three points that brands can take in consideration when telling stories through videos:

1. Authentic videos with real people and real stories are mostly favoured.

2. Personalization of the brand can make your audience want to share it.

3. The brand should share the video on several social media platforms to make it as visible as possible.

I think it is important that brands embrace storytelling because of the immense effect it can have on the audience’s perception of the brand. The use of videos can also strengthen the story and engage the audience. After seeing the videos from Nike and Google Chrome, I can personally say that I got a better impression of both brands.

Sources:,, Share This (Steve Waddington, 2012)

Picture and videos in courtesy of Youtube (2013)


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