How can companies use Instagram to engage their audience?

21 Jan

ImageAre you still not sure if your company (or yourself for that matter) should have an account on Instagram? Well, here’s why you should consider it.

Instagram was the fastest growing social media channel in 2012. It is made to share pictures and make people or brands engage with others by sharing, liking and commenting. The real growth of the platform happened when Facebook bought Instagram for $1 bn in April 2012. The platform saw a massive growth from 15 million users to having 100 million users in November 2012, and the daily users went from 860 000 to 11 millions.

A research from Simply Measured shows that 54% of the world’s top brands are using Instagram to engage consumers today. Many of the biggest brands have gained almost one million followers in three months. These brands include Gucci, Nike, MTV, Starbucks and Starbucks. However, these brands are not just creating a presence on the platform, they are actively engaging with their audience.


Simply Measured, 2012

There are many brands who have successfully managed to engage with their audience on Instagram. Here are two examples of brands who have used Instagram as a part of their communication mix:

ImageBrisk Iced Tea

In January 2012 Brisk Iced Tea held a competition on Instagram where they invited the audience to tag their photos with #briskpic to enter the contest, for a chance of being featured on a can of Brisk Iced Tea (limited edition). The campaign was very successful, and Brisk received more than 1,500 pictures and gained over 34,000 new followers. Their Facebook page also gained a lot of likes while they held the contest on Instagram, and they now have over one million fans.

Tiffany & Co

In 2012, the jewellery brand Tiffany & Co held a campaign on Instagram where they focused on sharing love stories. They got blogger Scott Schuman from the Sartorialist and his girlfriend Garance Dore to take pictures of couples in love in New York and Paris. They posted all the photos on Tiffany’s Instagram page. The audience was encouraged to upload their own pictures to the Tiffany profile through the brand’s website. The campaign was very successful and got over 1,500 pictures from followers.


These two examples show that Instagram is a great platform to engage with the audience. Are you going to take advantage of this opportunity and set up an Instagram account?


Simply Measured (2012) Study: 54% of top brands are now on Instagram

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Images in courtesy of: Hunt Logo, Zdnet, eConsultancy


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