How can companies improve their communication on social media?

26 Jan

13903218-social-media-icon-set-in-two-speech-bubbles-communicationI recently came across a presentation from the Digital Conference 2012 in Norway, made by communication specialist Christian Brosstad. His presentation concerned how brands can improve their communication on social media, and he had many interesting views. He enlightened that companies should recognize the growing importance of using more visual content and the increased importance of to-way communication. He advised companies to engage with these trends, and I have recognized two important points from his presentation of how brands can do this.

1) Companies should engage more with their audience

This can happen through for example letting the audience be a part of the decision-making process (making them feel special and recognized). An example of this can be the Starbucks blog where they let their audience share, vote and discuss new flavors and types of coffee they should offer. On the blog the audience can see other peoples ideas and share their own. The most popular ideas are launched in the shops.

Skjermbilde 2013-02-05 kl. 11.17.46

2) Companies should increase their use of visual content

Brosstad use the example of the power of Youtube and how important the channel is in fronting brands. Youtube has over 4 billion clips each day, and over 60 videos are uploaded every minute. Viral videos can be extremely important when it comes to the popularity of brands. Here is an example of a viral video from Carlsberg (2011):

The great thing about this video is that it has humor, appeals to emotions and is authentic. These are all elements that can make a video go viral.

I find Brosstads ideas of how companies can improve their social communication very interesting, and I agree with his views on the importance of creating brand personality, being visual and engaging the audience. Are todays companies achieving their potential of successful communication through social media?


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