Content marketing strategy, PR and Jay Z

30 Jan


I have earlier blogged about how storytelling videos can help create valuable brand content, and in our new media class today we talked about how content marketing in general is becoming one of the big trends in PR.

The profusion of social media has made it more important for companies to find new ways to be seen amidst all the media noise that the audience is exposed to. Content marketing is a way of building a relationship with your audience by producing things to earn awareness, likability and trust. It is important for PR professionals to recognise the importance of content marketing because, basically, that is what PR is about- the building of a relationship between a brand and its publics.

There are many brands that have succeeded with their content strategies, and I recently read an article in Campaign (January 2013), where Mark Rivers, deputy creative director at Drum, talked about the subject of brand content. He thought that the most innovative content he had seen lately had come from rapper Jay Z: “ Not only does Jay Z use an in-house editorial team to create daily rolling content for his Life + Time brand, but he was also the driving force behind Made in America for Budweiser. Who else would bring together Rocky Balboa, Kanye West, Pearl Jam, Ron Howard and Barack Obama to create a multiplatform story celebrating the American Dream?”


Like many others I see the great importance of companies following the trend of creating more brand content. It will be I exciting to see how more brands can develop successful content strategies in the future.

Sources: Mark Rivers interview in Campaign (25 January 2013)

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