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How valuable is it to have a degree in PR?

29 Mar

ImageI am just four months away from finishing my degree in PR, and I have started to think about my future job options. I have always thought that it is very beneficial to have a master degree to get better job opportunities. However, numbers from PRCA shows that 43 per cent of agency heads do not think that it makes any difference if you have a degree or not when they are recruiting. Moreover, 34 per cent says that a degree actually makes the applicants less attractive! (numbers from PR Week) So why do we spend time and money on a degree that we really do not need? Continue reading


What can we learn from other companies social media mistakes?

17 Mar

ImageTaking on social media as a part of a public relations plan can be risky. The Internet is a fast-paced place where anyone can be a publisher and creator of content. This means that companies have become more vulnerable for negative user generated content that can damage their reputation. Social media fails are most likely to go viral and get everyone talking about them.

So how do companies tackle social media fails and what can we learn from their mistakes? Continue reading

Viral Videos – Adding value to traditional PR

15 Mar

ImageIn todays digitalized world, it is almost impossible to not have seen some kind of viral video. This can be YouTube sensations as “Gagnman Style” by Psy (Seen by over 1 billion people), “Harlem Shake” by Baauer (Seen by almost 50 million people) or “Sneezing  Baby Panda” (Seen by 157 million people). So what makes these videos so popular, and how can we use viral videos in PR? Continue reading

A great campaign from Solo

6 Mar

ImageThe Norwegian soft drink brand Solo has over the last years tried to expand internationally by having a good content strategy and using the slogan Solo- Soon to Be World Famous. They started their international expansion with having celebrity endorsers as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton tweeting about the brand on Twitter, and having billboards on Sunset Blvd. in LA. Continue reading

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