A great campaign from Solo

6 Mar

ImageThe Norwegian soft drink brand Solo has over the last years tried to expand internationally by having a good content strategy and using the slogan Solo- Soon to Be World Famous. They started their international expansion with having celebrity endorsers as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton tweeting about the brand on Twitter, and having billboards on Sunset Blvd. in LA.

Their newest campaign consists of releasing the World’s biggest message in a bottle. The bottle is a 26 feet and 2,5 ton big Solo that was released to the ocean from Tenerife on the 15th of March 2013. The bottle is made to last in bad weather, and if you open the large bottle you will find 24 Solo bottles and a large letter in real ‘message in the bottle’ spirit. The journey of the bottle is documented on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The bottle even got its own Twitter account: @solosoftdrink.

The new campaign gives the audience a funny story and great pictures. It grabs the readers’ attention by giving them a lot of original content. They engage their audience through their different social media platforms. They post pictures of the bottle on its way to new land and the bottle is live tweeting on its journey. Fans can see the journey on Facebook and also see pictures on Instagram. There is also a contest going on where the audience can guess how far the bottle is going to travel before it reaches land. The person that comes close to the right distance wins a whole life supply of the Norwegian soft drink.

The story of the journey of the bottle will run until it reaches land. It is a great example of an original idea that engages the audience with a good story. Follow the bottle’s journey on www.solo.no/en


The alternative route that the bottle can take on its journey



PR Newswire

Images in courtesy of: Solo


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