What we can learn from Red Bull’s content strategy on social media?

17 May

Red Bull has gone from being an energy drink company to a media house

I recently monitored Red Bull’s social media presence as an assignment for my MA module ‘new media’. The monitoring period was one month, and I really got a good overview of Red Bull’s strategy on social media.

As most people know, Red Bull has a revolutionary, innovative and original content backing up their products (just think about Red Bull Stratos!). They really are the kings of having a successful social media presence, and here is what we can learn from Red Bull when it comes to publishing content that engage their audience

 1. Have a clear content strategy

Red Bull’s goal on social media is to: “produce and distribute all the content Red Bull is able to provide, and meaningfully engage with the loyal fan base around the world” (Miller, 2012)

Red Bull follows their goal by having a strategy of posting the same type of content on all of their platforms. They have a presence on a lot of different platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Instagram, Klout, Foursquare and Youtube. Their approach to their audience varies from the different platforms, as they engage more with consumers on Twitter and solely post content on Facebook. However, the content is the same.

2. Don’t let your products be the main focus of your content

Red Bull started up as a solely energy drink company, and have now developed into being a media company. Red Bull’s universe consist of extreme sports and adrenaline-filled stunts. Their logo is very recognizable and is to be seen on everything from skate ramps to the suits of professional ski jumpers or racecar drivers. But there’s no mention of the actual drink, really.

By building content that is not actually in relation to your products makes the consumer associate your brand with your content. This is a way of enriching your brand and making the audience desire the products by being affected by other factors than the product itself

1)   Have a universal tagline

Red Bull has an immense activity on social media, and they follow a distinctive way of sharing content that is related to their slogan “Red Bull Gives You Wings”. This tagline is used on all their platforms, and they use the hashtag #givesyouwings.

By having a universal tagline they can link the content shared on the different platforms together. This has worked very well for Redbull, and their strategy really shows that they really are on top of their game.

All companies can learn something from Red Bull’s content sharing strategy. Red Bull creates very popular written content, takes shareable pictures, develop viral videos and sponsor big and small events. They have a passion for what they do, and this also helps engage the audience to feel the same passion for the created content.

Here are two examples of good content from Red Bull:

What will Redbull surprise us with next?



Images in courtesy of: http://www.espial.com, http://www.redbull.com

Videos in courtesy of: RedBull’s channel on Youtube


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