How important is the growing trend of using more visuals in PR?

20 Feb

the_shift_to_visual_social_media_infographicVisuals have always been used in PR to support stories. The use of visuals was already a hot topic when Edward Bannings described the power of ‘optical seduction’ back in 1923. He thought that a picture was a better tool for persuasion than the written word; pictures appealed to the consumer’s emotions, which could create brand engagement. So how are pictures used by PR practitioners on social media today?

As we know, platforms as Twitter and Facebook have changed the PR industry’s way of communicating. However, because of the growing focus on visuals, we have seen a rise in the use of communication platforms as Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram by both consumers and brands. This growth shows that the people in PR need to think more in terms of visual messaging in addition to the traditional communication mix.

To give a clear picture (no pun intended) of the rise of visuals used for brand engagement, M Booth partnered with social analytics company SimplyMeasured to show engagement data through the following infographic:


I think this development is very important for PR practitioners to take notice of and adapt to. Visual platforms are here to stay!


Simply Measured, TechCrunch, Mashable, Youtube, Shearaholic, ComicScore, Foursquare


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