What can we learn from other companies social media mistakes?

17 Mar

ImageTaking on social media as a part of a public relations plan can be risky. The Internet is a fast-paced place where anyone can be a publisher and creator of content. This means that companies have become more vulnerable for negative user generated content that can damage their reputation. Social media fails are most likely to go viral and get everyone talking about them.

So how do companies tackle social media fails and what can we learn from their mistakes? Continue reading


Viral Videos – Adding value to traditional PR

15 Mar

ImageIn todays digitalized world, it is almost impossible to not have seen some kind of viral video. This can be YouTube sensations as “Gagnman Style” by Psy (Seen by over 1 billion people), “Harlem Shake” by Baauer (Seen by almost 50 million people) or “Sneezing  Baby Panda” (Seen by 157 million people). So what makes these videos so popular, and how can we use viral videos in PR? Continue reading

A great campaign from Solo

6 Mar

ImageThe Norwegian soft drink brand Solo has over the last years tried to expand internationally by having a good content strategy and using the slogan Solo- Soon to Be World Famous. They started their international expansion with having celebrity endorsers as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton tweeting about the brand on Twitter, and having billboards on Sunset Blvd. in LA. Continue reading


28 Feb


In our ‘Issues in PR’ class today we talked about the use of ‘nudges’ in PR. Using ‘nudges’ is a very interesting concept, and it concerns that we can guide or ‘nudge’ people in the direction we want by organizing and presenting products in a way that affects their choices. This theory is adapted by several big companies and governments who want to change the audience behaviours to for example go for vaccinations or to not throw garbage in the streets. The model seems to have change from persuasion to trying to understand psychological characteristics and find out how to change behaviours this way. Continue reading

Celebrity endorsement- how do you find the perfect match for your brand?

25 Feb

brad-chanelAfter reading an article about celebrity endorsers on the PR Week blog, I started looking at different celebrity endorsers and wondering why they have been chosen by the brand. Some are a perfect fit for the brand, and others seems like an odd match. However, how do companies make sure they choose the right person? Continue reading

Women in PR

14 Feb

young-business-women-standing (1)When talking about the PR profession, the subject of gender diversity, and the fact that women dominate the profession, comes up a lot. The gender division is also visible in practice, as for example; our MA in PR class consists of nineteen girls and three boys. This is very normal in PR as, according to Ragan.com, the workforce is made up by 85 per cent women. However, the top jobs seem to be dominated by men. So what makes women so interested in PR, and why do men get the best paid jobs? Continue reading

The importance of having a crisis management plan

7 Feb

ImageLast semester we had a lecture concerning crisis management, and with all the recent buzz about the Tesco’ horse meat scandal, it got me wondering how companies can try to tackle crisis the best way possible. How do you make sure that a crisis doesn’t get out of hand? Continue reading

2013 Super Bowl commercials seen from a PR perspective

4 Feb

superbowl-logoThe Super Bowl XLVII was aired yesterday, which also meant the showing of this year’s Super Bowl commercials. I personally find the commercials more interesting than the game itself because of the great effort brands put in these ads. With the cost of up to $4 million for a 30-second time slot, I am clearly not the only one who is aware of the power of Super Bowl commercials. Continue reading

Content marketing strategy, PR and Jay Z

30 Jan


I have earlier blogged about how storytelling videos can help create valuable brand content, and in our new media class today we talked about how content marketing in general is becoming one of the big trends in PR. Continue reading

How can companies improve their communication on social media?

26 Jan

13903218-social-media-icon-set-in-two-speech-bubbles-communicationI recently came across a presentation from the Digital Conference 2012 in Norway, made by communication specialist Christian Brosstad. His presentation concerned how brands can improve their communication on social media, and he had many interesting views. He enlightened that companies should recognize the growing importance of using more visual content and the increased importance of to-way communication. He advised companies to engage with these trends, and I have recognized two important points from his presentation of how brands can do this. Continue reading

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