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How to create an App in 10 simple steps

3 Mar

ImageIn our new media class last year we were asked to make an App for one of our campaigns. I thought this sounded extremely terrifying, but we all took on the project with a positive attitude. You need to be patient and positive when creating an App because it takes time to familiarize yourself with all the different technological gadgets. No matter how difficult it sounds, I managed to make an App, and I promise that you can too if you follow these steps! Continue reading


How important is the growing trend of using more visuals in PR?

20 Feb

the_shift_to_visual_social_media_infographicVisuals have always been used in PR to support stories. The use of visuals was already a hot topic when Edward Bannings described the power of ‘optical seduction’ back in 1923. He thought that a picture was a better tool for persuasion than the written word; pictures appealed to the consumer’s emotions, which could create brand engagement. So how are pictures used by PR practitioners on social media today? Continue reading

Why it is important for brands to be on Twitter?

20 Jan

ImageTwitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, and with over 300 million users, it makes it an important network for companies to engage with their target audience. So how can companies use Twitter to increase the popularity of their brand? Continue reading

Is social media blurring the lines between PR and advertising?

1 Oct

ImageWe who study/ work in PR know that there has always been a distinct line between the two occupations. However, with the growth of social media is it getting more and more difficult to see which campaigns that are ruled out by advertisers, and which that is made by PR practitioners? Continue reading

5 tips on social media monitoring

20 Aug

ImageWhen you are measuring a company’s social media presence it is important to first and foremost understand the goals and objectives with their activities. What do they want to achieve with it their social media presence? Do they want to build trust? Raise revenue? Or do they want to better their reputation?

After stating the company’s goals and objectives, there are several tools you can use when monitoring to make it easier to track all activities in detail. So what are the factors you need to take into consideration when monitoring, and what tools should you use? Continue reading

To what extent has social media helped put the ‘public’ back into public relations?

13 Jun

one-or-two-way-engagementThe social media has created a whole new way for companies to communicate with their audience. Has two way communication and content sharing replaced one-way communication and media manipulation in PR? Continue reading

What can we learn from other companies social media mistakes?

17 Mar

ImageTaking on social media as a part of a public relations plan can be risky. The Internet is a fast-paced place where anyone can be a publisher and creator of content. This means that companies have become more vulnerable for negative user generated content that can damage their reputation. Social media fails are most likely to go viral and get everyone talking about them.

So how do companies tackle social media fails and what can we learn from their mistakes? Continue reading

2013 Super Bowl commercials seen from a PR perspective

4 Feb

superbowl-logoThe Super Bowl XLVII was aired yesterday, which also meant the showing of this year’s Super Bowl commercials. I personally find the commercials more interesting than the game itself because of the great effort brands put in these ads. With the cost of up to $4 million for a 30-second time slot, I am clearly not the only one who is aware of the power of Super Bowl commercials. Continue reading

Content marketing strategy, PR and Jay Z

30 Jan


I have earlier blogged about how storytelling videos can help create valuable brand content, and in our new media class today we talked about how content marketing in general is becoming one of the big trends in PR. Continue reading

How can companies improve their communication on social media?

26 Jan

13903218-social-media-icon-set-in-two-speech-bubbles-communicationI recently came across a presentation from the Digital Conference 2012 in Norway, made by communication specialist Christian Brosstad. His presentation concerned how brands can improve their communication on social media, and he had many interesting views. He enlightened that companies should recognize the growing importance of using more visual content and the increased importance of to-way communication. He advised companies to engage with these trends, and I have recognized two important points from his presentation of how brands can do this. Continue reading

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