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5 tips on social media monitoring

20 Aug

ImageWhen you are measuring a company’s social media presence it is important to first and foremost understand the goals and objectives with their activities. What do they want to achieve with it their social media presence? Do they want to build trust? Raise revenue? Or do they want to better their reputation?

After stating the company’s goals and objectives, there are several tools you can use when monitoring to make it easier to track all activities in detail. So what are the factors you need to take into consideration when monitoring, and what tools should you use? Continue reading


What we can learn from Red Bull’s content strategy on social media?

17 May

Red Bull has gone from being an energy drink company to a media house

I recently monitored Red Bull’s social media presence as an assignment for my MA module ‘new media’. The monitoring period was one month, and I really got a good overview of Red Bull’s strategy on social media.

As most people know, Red Bull has a revolutionary, innovative and original content backing up their products (just think about Red Bull Stratos!). They really are the kings of having a successful social media presence, and here is what we can learn from Red Bull when it comes to publishing content that engage their audience

Continue reading

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