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How important is the growing trend of using more visuals in PR?

20 Feb

the_shift_to_visual_social_media_infographicVisuals have always been used in PR to support stories. The use of visuals was already a hot topic when Edward Bannings described the power of ‘optical seduction’ back in 1923. He thought that a picture was a better tool for persuasion than the written word; pictures appealed to the consumer’s emotions, which could create brand engagement. So how are pictures used by PR practitioners on social media today? Continue reading


How can companies use Instagram to engage their audience?

21 Jan

ImageAre you still not sure if your company (or yourself for that matter) should have an account on Instagram? Well, here’s why you should consider it. Continue reading

How can brands engage their audience through storytelling videos?

18 Jan

whats_your_storyI recently came across the element of brand storytelling when I was reading about the different ways brands can engage their customers by appealing to emotions. Storytelling is a great way of personalizing and humanizing brands, and I think that videos are one of the most effective vehicles, as visuals are a great way of reaching emotions. Brands can reach emotions though for example making their audience recall their own experiences and being a part of the story. Continue reading

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